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PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL hires a Dragon 2 locomotive

posted on 27th Feb 2024 08:51

PKP CARGO INTERNATIONAL has started using one Dragon 2 (Type E6MST) locomotive. Its parent company, the partly state-owned PKP CARGO, has been deploying these machines in freight transport on the territory of the Czech Republic since May 2023; the use by the Czech subsidiary was also planned, but it has only now finally happened.

According to the press release, the locomotive is to be used mainly on services from Ostrava towards Slovak border (Čadca and Kúty), and also on other main lines within the Czech Republic as required. Since 17 February 2024, the ET43-010 (3 260 012) has been used for PKP CI trains, which however in recent days has also visited northern and central Bohemia.

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