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Polo Logistica FS to receive 70 TRAXX Universal locomotives

posted on 19th Jun 2024 17:02

On 19 June 2024 Alstom has signed a contract with Mercitalia Rail, a company of the Polo Logistica FS, for the supply of 70 TRAXX Universal locomotives for Italy, along with 12 years of full maintenance services. Some of the locomotives will be equipped with Last Mile technology. The contract is valued at over 323 million EUR and includes the option to supply an additional 30 locomotives and an extension of the maintenance services.

“We are delighted to announce this significant new contract with Polo Logistica, a longstanding customer and one of Italy’s pioneers in investing in high-power electric locomotives. Over the years, we have already supplied Polo Logistica with more than 50 such locomotives, all of which are in operation,” said Michele Viale, Managing Director of Alstom in Italy.

All TRAXX Universal locomotives intended for the Italian market are manufactured at Vado Ligure. This facility, with over a century of vehicle production experience, benefits from the expertise of more than 300 people. 

A team of experienced technicians, situated in five depots across Italy, currently oversees the maintenance of more than 200 TRAXXes. With this contract, the number of locomotives under maintenance will exceed 300 and the team will be further bolstered a local hub, specialised in digital maintenance, captures data from the locomotives and their condition is monitored in real time.

We asked Alstom, when the new locomotives will be delivered. The manufacturer answered us: "It is too early to give any delivery timeline."

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