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Polregio Places EMU Order

posted on 3rd Feb 2023 11:36

On 25 January 2023 the operator signed a series of framework agreements (but not yet contracts) with major Polish train manufacturers for up to 200 EMUs. The future contracts with PESA, Newag, Stadler Polska and FPS (H. Cegielski H. - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych) are expected to have a combined value of over 7 billion PLN (1.5 billion EUR), and will be financed by several grants and loans - from the EU, KPO (Krajowy Plan Odbudowy - National Reconstruction Plan), FENiKS (European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate, Environment Programme), the PFR (Polski Fundusz Rozwoju - Polish Development Fund) and the EIB. Polregio will cover the remaining finance.

The decision to announce the agreement was made following two years during which Polregio managed to achieve financial stability, thanks to signing long term operating contracts with several provinces, these valued at close on 10 billion PLN.

Two versions of 160 EMUs are planned - up to 60 two-car, 130-seat trains and up to 140 three-car 210-seat trains, all with air conditioning, WiFi, state-of-the-art passenger information systems and barrier-free features. It was also announced that bidding for the contracts would start 'within a few weeks', with a view to the first new train being delivered in 2025 and the remainder during 2026. It is not yet clear whether all four manufacturers - or only one - will participate in the final contract. 

The trains are destined for use in all of the provinces in which Polregio has long term contracts. What is certain is that for the contract winners, and their suppliers, work for thousands of people will be guaranteed. It is reckoned that the framework contract, instead of a single tender, will shorten the lead time considerably for the new trains.

PESA, as part of its 2027+ strategy, is developing the successor to the Elf EMU design, referred to as the Regio160 vehicle range. These trains will be designed as either pure EMUs, BEMUs or HEMUs.

Stadler Polska has already completed over 100 FLIRT EMUs for the Polish market, while its Siedlce factory has over the past 15 years outshopped 820 EMUs and DMUs for use throughout Europe. 

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