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RailAdventure Orders EURO6000

posted on 15th May 2023 20:15

On 9 May 2023, RailAdventure (RA) entered into a contract with Stadler for one EURO6000, the first time when the company ordered a new-built locomotive. The delivery is to take place until 2025. The Valéncia-built six-axle 1.5 + 3 + 25 kV electric is to be fitted for operation in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and on 1,435 mm gauge lines in Spain. Its main task will be the haulage in France, where RailAdventure only has one Type DE 18 diesel available.

Company’s fleet of modern electrics is currently increasing. Further to 183 500, acquired in early 2019, RailAdventure took over another one Type ES64U4 Taurus. This time it is 190 311, which was just recently acquired from LocoItalia, Railpool-owned Italy-based locomotive pool. In the past, the locomotive was operated (and earlier even owned) by InRail, an Italian operator, which previously was in the same ownership structure as LocoItalia, before the latter was taken over by Railpool. While this Eurosprinter is fitted for operation in Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia, 183 500 is usually used for services from Germany towards Poland and the Czech Republic.

Concerning modern traction, RA also owns Eurorunner 2016 902 and is in talks of acquiring another one diesel of this type.

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