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RhB Speed Record

posted on 4th Oct 2022 13:00

As part of the introduction of the new Capricorn Class ABe 4/16 EMUs into service, RhB made a record-breaking run on the night of Friday 8/9 July 2022. With unit 3113, a speed of 163.02 km/h was achieved in the monitored environment of the Vereina tunnel (running between Sagliains and Klosters Selfranga), which is the highest value not only on the RhB network, but also on a metre gauge in Europe. 

This happened at one minute after midnight, and accurate measurements confirmed this speed. The journey was smooth and the train ran on a straight tunnel track without any major vibrations or shocks. On board were representatives from the RhB, Stadler, ABB, Märklin and the media. 

The Rhätische Bahn is setting another record this year as part of the celebrations for the 175th anniversary of the Swiss railways, with the longest passenger train in the world. The event will take place on 29 October with a 1,910-metre-long set consisting of 25 Class ABe 4/16 EMUs. Pre-sale of tickets began on 2 August and by 4 August all 3,000 were sold out... 

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