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Škoda Started Production Of Elron EMUs

posted on 31st Jan 2023 19:28

In December 2022, Škoda started the production of bodyshells for the first three-car EMUs for Eesti Liinirongid (Elron) at the Ostrava works. In total, this will eventually be a 16-strong batch, as six of these dual-voltage RegioPanters (3 kV DC + 25 kV 50 Hz) were first ordered in October 2020 and then an option for ten more was confirmed in September 2022.

The contract thus has a total worth of almost 147 million EUR and will expand Elron's fleet by more than 40 %, which will allow for enhanced services; the new EMUs will, among other things, serve the newly electrified Tallinn - Tartu section, which should be completed by the end of 2024.

The first bodyshells in Ostrava will be moved to final assembly after welding, and the first train is due to be commissioned and to start testing later this year. Škoda Group plans to transport the second unit directly to Tallinn, where parallel commissioning will begin. Like the Latvian (Pasažieru vilciens) RegioPanters, the batch-built vehicles are to be transported by road to Riga, but from there they will continue on the railway to Estonia. The delivery of the first six trains is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.

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