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The Last CityElefant Enters Service

posted on 11th Apr 2013 22:24

Almost exactly 15 years after the first official presentation of a Class 471 EMU, shown in the first photo on 13 May 1998 at Studénka station, on 5 April 2013 ČD put into regular service 471.083, the very last of the batch of 83 trains ordered. The event was marked by celebrations at Ostrava-Svinov station, which is where the second photo was taken, this final train of the batch (on the left) having just arrived from Bohumín for the event, of which a return trip with invited guests to the latter town formed part. Also in this view is 471.082, waiting to depart on a local service to Opava. The third photo shows 471.082 with 471.081 (wearing an advertising livery for the ROP, the Czech Regional Operational Programme) arriving as train Os 2928 to Studénka.
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