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Traction Motors For Berlin Class J/JK Metro Cars

posted on 6th Aug 2021 11:29

In May 2021, Traktionssysteme Austria (TSA) was awarded a contract by Stadler to develop and produce the new generation of traction motors for the U-Bahn Berlin Class J/JK project. This is one of the largest supply contracts ever awarded in Europe: the contract with the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) includes up to 1,500 metro cars. Therefore 4,500 traction motors will be delivered in the next 10 years. An additional agreement was concluded for spare parts for the following 32 years.

The requirements regarding weight and noise emissions were very demanding during the design process of this new self-ventilated 100 kW electric motor. For building the prototype, TSA used modern 3D printing and also incorporated results from various research projects. This made it possible to build one of the lightest TSA motors so far. Starting in February 2022, TSA will deliver 12 electric motors every week to Berlin.

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