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TsPPK Received Six More Class EP2D EMUs

posted on 20th May 2021 18:54

On 18 May 2021 TMH announced that it handed over to the Central suburban passenger company (TsPPK) six Class EP2D EMUs built by DMZ (the Demikhovsky machine-building plant), having carried out the first delivery of trains in 2021. The date of the contract signing was not disclosed. All six 11-car trains were handed over to the customer as a batch. They are designated EP2D-0130, 0136, 0137, 0138, 0140 and 0141.

By the end of 2021, another 13 EP2Ds will be delivered. The largest Russian suburban operator has been purchasing these EMUs since 2016. It now has 120 eleven-car trains in its fleet.

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