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Production of Class EP2DM with a toilet in the intermediate car has started

posted on 16th May 2024 12:39

Taking into account the wishes of operators and in order to improve passenger comfort, the TMH Engineering centre has developed a non-powered intermediate car for the Class EP2DM EMUs with a toilet. The cubicle includes a toilet module, handrails, a rubbish bin, a toilet sink for hand washing and a mirror. Previously, the Class EP2DM trains were equipped with toilet rooms only in the end cars. Now it is planned to include intermediate car with toilet in units consisting of eight or more cars.

At the beginning of April the new version of the EP2DM was inspected by the acceptance commission, which found that it complies with the requirements of the design and technological documentation, the tests were carried out in full, and their results were positive. The commission recommended to assign the ‘A’ lettering to the documentation and to start batch production of EP2DM with a toilet in a non-powered car. DMZ received a certificate of conformity to the requirements of the TR TS 001/2011 Technical regulations of the Customs Union, which allows for five years to produce such trains.

A modernised Class EP2DM has been in batch production since June 2023. The main customers are RZD and  TsPPK.

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