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Two Service Contracts For CAF In Sweden

posted on 19th Jul 2021 18:25

On 7 July 2021, SJ has awarded EuroMaint Rail, a Swedish subsidiary of the CAF Group, two service contracts worth more than 100 million EUR in total. First, SJ selected EuroMaint Rail to provide maintenance services for 12 years for the fleet of trains that run on the Krösatågen and Kustpilen lines and provide service in south Sweden, specifically in the Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Blekinge, Halland and Skåne regions.

This results from the fact that SJ won the respective PSO tender and will be responsible for its operation including train maintenance from 12 December 2021. The services on the Krösatågen and Kustpilen lines will then become one common brand - Krösatågen. From the start, SJ will use 36 units for the Krösatågen and 11 ones for Kustpilen services: the present fleet consists of Class X11 EMUs, Class Y2 DMUs and Class Y31/Y32 Itino DMUs, totalling 47 units (106 cars).

Later the Class X11 and Y2 trains will be replaced by the new ones from CAF starting in 2023. Then following substitutions, SJ will use 40 units (146 cars) in total, of which 28 will be Civity Nordics supplied under the contract awarded by AB Transitio in April 2021. The latter is for 20 EMUs and 8 EDMUs (using biodiesel) which are scheduled for delivery from late 2023. AB Transitio will lease these Civity Nordics to the regions which operate services on the aforementioned Krösatågen and Kustpilen lines. The maintenance activities will be carried out at the Nässjö and Kalmar works.

SJ has also selected EuroMaint Rail to refurb its fleet of 57 overnight cars of Classes BC4, WL1, WL4 and WL6. This is planned to be carried out at the Euromaint Örebro works between August 2021 and February 2025. With this investment, SJ intends to improve night travel and meet the comfort, reliability and safety expectations of passengers. The cars will run on the Göteborg/Stockholm - Duved/Umeå and Stockholm - Malmö services.

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