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Vectrons strengthen Green Cargo's international service

posted on 16th Aug 2023 10:14

On 14 August 2023 the first of ten new Vectrons has been delivered to Green Cargo in Malmö. They will primarily be used to strengthen operator‘s international traffic in the corridor between Malmö and Maschen (south of Hamburg) starting in 2024. The six current corridor locomotives, the Class 185 TRAXXes (Br 5332 to 5334 and 5404 to 5406), will then be integrated into Green Cargo's domestic network and increase its capacity on the Swedish market (joining the 16 Type Re TRAXXes, Nos. 1423 to 1438), thus they will no more run to Germany.

Green Cargo leases the ten Vectron AC machines through a long-term agreement with Akiem and Alpha Trains, who deliver five locomotives each. The first one, 193 405 of Alpha Trains, will initially be used for personal training during the autumn, and will be used in existing traffic between Malmö and Trelleborg.

As Green Cargo goes from six corridor locomotives today to ten in 2024, some of them will initially run in Skåne; the exact routes hasn’t been decided yet, but Malmö - Trelleborg is one of them. As soon as the transport demand in the corridor grows, all ten Vectrons will run between Malmö and Maschen. The new Vectrons are equipped with ETCS OBU, which will be a prerequisite for traffic through Denmark. 

The Alpha Trains locomotives will be maintained by Siemens in Malmö and Hallsberg and in Germany (Maschen) if needed. Akiem will be handling the maintenance of their locomotives in the same locations.

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