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CAF completed delivery of Sprinter NG EMUs to NS

posted on 16th May 2023 12:32

On 9 May 2023 CAF has completed the delivery of the Sprinter New Generation (SNG) EMUs to NS: the last of in total 206 units, based on Civity platform, was taken in service, four and half years after the delivery of the new fleet started. On 9 May 2023 four-car SNG 2788 ran its maiden trip between Amsterdam Centraal and Baarn and return. The total investment by NS is about 900 million EUR, enabling the operator to replace the ageing first generation Class SGMm Sprinter EMUs from the 1970s and 1980s, withdrawn in 2021.

SNG was ordered in 2014 after a tender proceeding by NS, selecting CAF as winner. The order concerned 118 EMUs and was split in 68 three- and 50 four-car EMUs. In 2018 NS put an additional order for 88 more sets, split in 50 three- and 38 four-car sets. The three-car ones have been designated Class 2300 (2301 - 2368, first batch) and Class 3000 (3001 - 3050, second batch), the four-car unit are designated Class 2700 (and numbered 2701 - 2788).

In summer 2022 NS has started a new tender for Sprinter trains, which means that NS did not want to effectuate options for ordering more SNG/Civity trains at CAF (however, in December 2022 NS ordered the new double-deck EMU from the same manufacturer). Early 2024 a winner should have been selected while the new stock is expected to enter commercial service in 2027.

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