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New Double-Deck EMUs For NS

posted on 13th Dec 2022 09:28

On 12 December 2022, NS signed a contract with CAF for delivery of a new fleet of „dubbeldekkers“ for intercity services. The batch will consist of 30 four-car and 30 six-car units, as well as of technical support for maintenance, with NS carrying out the maintenance itself. The contract worth is more than 600 million EUR and includes options for further sets which would increase this amount.

The main feature combines high capacity and easy vehicle accessibility. Each 160 km/h train therefore consists of powered single-deck end cars (offering level access for persons with reduced mobility) and non-powered double-deck intermediate cars. This is the first order for CAF’s double-deck trains. They are based on the Civity platform developed for suburban, intercity and regional services on the European market, as it has been used for various projects in countries such as the Netherland, UK, Sweden or Italy.

The CAF orded is part of NS' ongoing plans to renew its current double-deck fleet, whilst also increasing its service capacity for the next few years (the number of seats totals 30,000). The first units are scheduled for operation on the intercity routes that cross the entire country by 2028, with the possibility to exercise some of the extension options for additional units, or the implementation of versions that can run on cross-border routes to other countries such as Germany and Belgium.

The new trains will eventually replace some of Type DDZ double-deckers. This new contract follows the successful SNG Civity EMUs for commuter services, of which the last of in total 206 train sets are currently being delivered. In 2014, the order for 118 EMUs was sigend. Subsequently, in late 2018, this contract was extended with an additional 88 units, which, given the contract worth almost 1 billion EUR, was one of the most significant contracts concluded by CAF in Europe.

We asked both CAF and NS for the technical data of the new trains (axle arrangements, voltage, traction power, brake power, maximum speed, dimensions, weights, capacity).

NS answered us: "This information is not yet available. As soon as the this comes available we will share it with you."

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