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Captrain Italia and RAILPOOL further strengthen their partnership in Italy

posted on 14th Mar 2024 18:28

On 29 February 2024 RAILPOOL and Captrain Italia reached an important agreement that further strengthens their partnership in Italy. Under this agreement, Captrain will sell to RAILPOOL its fleet of 13 TRAXX DC3 locomotives with Last Mile module, which RAILPOOL will subsequently lease to Captrain on a long-term contract.

This agreement will allow Captrain to consolidate its fleet strategy, being able to benefit from a long-term agreement including full-service maintenance by RAILPOOL. The 13 locomotives will be added to the 19 ones already leased to Captrain by RAILPOOL, with eight locomotives to be delivered starting from the second half of 2024. Once fully operational, Captrain will be able to benefit from a homogeneous fleet of 32 locomotives managed by RAILPOOL.

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