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ČD carries out extraordinary inspections of Class Bcmz cars

posted on 22nd Jun 2024 13:39

On 19 June 2024, ČD announced that, following the consequences of the accident in Pardubice on 5 June, it proceeded to extraordinary inspections of its Class Bcmz834 couchette cars. RegioJet had raised doubts about the design of these carriages when it took them out of service "due to suspected serious structural defects".

ČD operates nine Class Bcmz834 cars purchased from ÖBB. The extraordinary inspection focuses mainly on the condition of the main frame and the bodyshell. On the main frame, 12 critical points have been identified on each side, where measurements of the longitudinal thickness are being carried out. In addition, measurements of flatness are made, and the deflection of the frame stringers must not exceed 25 mm according to the current standards; the values measured so far are an order of magnitude lower. The welds and corrosion of the main frame and the bodyshell are also checked in detail.

As part of these checks, a compression test according to UIC 566 for new and currently approved passenger cars was carried out at VÚKV for car 61 54 59 - 71 002-1. During the test, the car was subjected to a repeated pressure of 1,000 kN per buffer, i. e. 2 000 kN per main frame. Jiří Ota, Director of ČD's Rolling Stock Service Department, commented, "The results of the compression test confirmed that the Bcmz cars do not show any traces of structural defects when the correct maintenance procedures are followed. At the same time, we subjected the car to the heaviest loads prescribed by the applicable standards." 

So far, three ČD cars have been inspected and none of them have been found to have any deficiencies that would prevent their operation. State supervision has also been carried out by the Drážní úřad railway authority, which has found no problems in the maintenance and condition of these vehicles. These results are therefore consistent with the ÖBB information on the Class Bcmz published here.

Michal Kraus, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director General of ČD for Service, commented: "All the inspections carried out so far confirm us that our cars are in good technical condition - no structural problem of the main frame or bodyshell has been detected. When the cars were purchased in 2015, they were thoroughly maintained, and in 2021 - 23 they were completely upgraded. All of our vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained not only internally as part of the ECM certification, but also through external certified service centres. ČD considers safety to be its top priority, which is why it invests several million CZK in these extraordinary inspections and tests." All nine cars should pass the extraordinary inspection by the end of June.

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