škoda 2024

Class 3TE28 started operation on BAM

posted on 23rd Jan 2024 11:35

On 24 January 2024, the Service Locomotive Depot (SLD) Tynda-Severnaya has completed the acceptance of the first RZD's Class 3TE28 diesel locomotives built at BMZ. As of today, seven of them are in the depot and five more are expected to arrive in the nearest future.

All were put into service on the Baikal-Amur Magistral within a week after the preparations were made. First, they underwent initial tests with freight trains and dynamometer cars, during which the most important parameters of the locomotives were measured. 

The task for the near future is to expand the depot's technological base and infrastructure facilities, which means recruiting new staff, organising workplaces and associated housing, etc. The existing employees of SLD Tynda-Severnaya, i. e. 167 employees of LokoTech-Servis, have been trained to maintain the new locomotives under the guidance of the BMZ staff.

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