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Class ATR 803 Development

posted on 28th May 2021 09:43

As we stated here, Stadler Siedlce is working on a contract for 30 three-car FLIRTs DMU for FERROVIENORD, a 100 % FNM subsidiary. 

Fulfillment of the contract continues. The first unit, ATR 803 001/002, is still tested on the Źmigród circuit, the second one is being tested on the Faurei circuit in Romania. On 19 April 2021, the third FLIRT, ATR 803 005/006, passed through Slovakia towards Italy (San Donato) for trials, while the fourth was recently completed and is currently being tested at the Siedlce works, where ATR 803 009/010 and 011/012 are at present in the final assembly.

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