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More Coradia Stream HMUs for Italy

posted on 27th Dec 2023 19:26

On 22 December 2023 Alstom announced that it will supply to Ferrovie del Sud Est, transport operator of the Puglia region, two Coradia Stream H hydrogen trains to replace the current diesel trains. These will be the region’s first hydrogen trains.

Additionally, Ferrovie Nord Milano signed the second order for two Coradia Stream H trains in addition to the six trains already on order, within the existing framework agreement, which allows for the acquisition of a total of 14 trains.

The new Coradia Stream H trains are based on Alstom's single-deck Coradia Stream regional train platform. The HMU is designed and produced at Alstom's plants in Italy, involving the Savigliano site for development, certification, production and testing, the Vado Ligure site for the outfitting of the power car in which the hydrogen-related part is installed,d the Sesto San Giovanni site for components and the Bologna site for the development of the signalling system.

We asked Alstom what the delivery dates are for both contracts. We are waiting for an answer.

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