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Direct Haulage By Vectrons Of BUDAMAR LOGISTICS To Italy

posted on 29th Mar 2023 14:44

At the beginning of the year, the last two of the ten Vectron MS locomotives hired by BUDAMAR LOGISTICS from Rolling Stock Lease (RSL) in 2022's order were put into service. These two, 383.301 - 302, are of the A35 version, which means that they are equipped to operate in Italy among other countries. This is used for direct haulage to that country, with trains carrying LKW Walter semitrailers on the Mošnov - Verona route, whose organisation was taken over by BUDAMAR LOGISTICS at the beginning of 2023 (whereby they were redirected from the PKP CI terminal in Paskov).

The direct running started on 14 March 2023, more than two months after the first of that two locomotives was taken over, but the administrative requirements of the Italian railway authority Ansfisa, necessary to allow the use of the locomotives by the Italian carrier Captrain Italia, which remains the operator of the train in Italy, still had to be resolved.

This year BUDAMAR LOGISTICS is expected to lease around five more Vectrons, all of the A17 version, from RSL.

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