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DMZ Develops EMU Repairs

posted on 19th Mar 2021 07:25

Demikhovsky mashinostroitelny zavod continues to develop its activities in repairs of Class EP2D EMUs. In 2021, it is planned to implement Type TR-3 („tekushchy remont“) periodic repairs.

Since 2018, DMZ in addition to the building of new trains, has been overhauling EMUs of its production, totalling 135 cars of the TsPPK’s and RZD’s Class ED4M and ED4MK trains. In 2020, the company created a new line for the repairs on a 2,400 m2 area, with five repair positions and the necessary equipment.

In early 2021, one of the DMZ assembly lines was also assigned for repairs, being now used for assembly of overhauled Class ED4M EMU cars. Following the measures taken, the repair capacity has significantly increased, allowing carrying out complex overhauls of up to 200 cars annually.

By mid-2021, the company plans to expand its competencies by the Type TR-3 repairs of Class EP2D EMUs produced since 2015. As part of the project implementation it is planned to partially reconstruct the rolling stock repair shop and install additional tracks. By 2022, it is envisaged to reach the TR-3 repair capacity of 122 cars annually. For the Class EP2D EMUs the TR-3 repairs are to be made after 480,000 km in service.

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