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Dragon At Velim

posted on 25th Jan 2021 17:28

Newag is currently building a batch of 24 dual-voltage Class ET43 locomotives for PKP Cargo. They are fitted for 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz and have to be approved for operation also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For this purpose, ET43-001 was moved to the VUZ Velim test centre on 30 November 2020, where at present the required tests are performed there. These include the locomotive running light as well as with a rake of passenger cars together with the braking locomotives.

Tests carried out at the VUZ test centre are aimed at checking the compliance of the vehicle with the Czech infrastructure. Completion of the tests of ET43-001 at Velim is planned for the turn of the first and second quarter of 2021. Simultaneously, the batch production of Class ET43 is underway.

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