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EURO9000 to start service soon

posted on 18th May 2023 11:50

The first EURO9000 is due to hit the track soon, as ELP expects to deliver the first three locomotives in June. In addition to the two prototypes (2019 300 and 301), six locomotives of this type have left Valencia for Germany so far and others are being prepared at the factory.

At this moment homologation was achieved for Germany and for Austria. At this stage, Rail Force One (RFO) will therefore use the first locomotive for German services, such haulage of heavy coal or ore trains between border with the Nerherlands and Ruhr area or other domestic German duties, for which RFO will use EURODUALs once these are delivered later. RTB CARGO and HSL Logistik will be the other operators who will start operating with one locomotive next month as well.

ELP has so far contracted 21 EURO9000s and its customers include Rail Force One (4), RTB CARGO (4), HSL Logistik (5), IGE (2), Lokomotion (2), LTE (2) and ecco-rail (2). ELP expects to sign contracts for more EURO9000s by the end of the second quarter of this year.

Homologation is a challenging process. As presented by Stadler during presentation of this locomotive type and its service network for Europe held during the transport logistic in München on 11 May, the manufacturer currently foresees to achieve homologation for Switzerland in June/July 2023, for Belgium and the Netherlands in September/October 2023 and Italy is expected in the spring of 2024. More deliveries will come after the before mentioned homologations are obtained.

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