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posted on 3rd May 2022 12:23

On 29 April 2022, Stadler announced that it has signed an agreement with Beacon Rail and GB Railfreight for the supply of 30 Class 99 locomotives including spare parts. The six-axle EURODUAL locomotives wit a maximum speed of 120 km/h can run on 25 kV AC electrified lines with a power of 6,000 kW at wheel. In addition, they feature a high-power low-emissions Stage-V engine allowing operations on non-electrified lines. The new locomotives are scheduled to enter service in 2025.

Iñigo Parra, CEO of Stadler Valencia, said: "Over recent years, we have introduced the Class 68 diesel-electric locomotive, the Class 88 bi-mode locomotive and Europe’s first tri-mode locomotive, the Class 93, in line with our commitment to decarbonising rail transport. We are very proud to go one-step further with the development of the Class 99, a versatile, high performance locomotive that will provide environmentally-friendly and cost-effective rail transport services, supporting modal shift to rail."

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