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First Class 76 FLIRT On Test

updated on 27th Nov 2020 08:19 posted on 18th Nov 2020 18:38

One of the newest vehicles tested at the VUZ Velim test centre is the first Class 76 FLIRT EDMU for Norske Tog. It forms part of the batch of 14 of these trains ordered in 2017 (2 units) and 2018 (12 units). Its cars were built at Stadler Minsk works and then sent to Siedlce for incorporating the Bussnang-built Power-Pack and commissioning.

Initially it was sent for first testing to Germany in mid-September, and subsequently it is being tested in the Czech Republic. In opposite to the FLIRT EMUs built so far for Norway, the Class 76 EDMUs are delivered in a neutral painting, which will later be supplemented by vinyls in corporate colours, according to the operator that will use these vehicles. 

Each Class 76 EDMU is equipped with a centre-situated Power-Pack module with diesel engines, which enables the train an operation on non-electrified lines. In addition, the trains are equipped with four traction batteries with a total capacity of 112 kWh, located on the roof of the cars, which store energy from the EDB and provide support for the train during acceleration in a diesel mode.

The Class 76 FLIRTs have a maximum speed of 200 km/h in an electric mode (15 kV 16.7 Hz) and 160 km/h in a diesel mode. The axle arrangement is Bo’2’2’2 ’+ 2’2’Bo’, rated power 2,000 kW and maximum power 3,000 kW (achieved in electric mode only). The starting tractive force is 160 kN and the starting acceleration up to 0.57 m/s2

sThe length over coupling is 127,700 mm, the width 3,200 mm and the height 4,380 mm above the rail top. The powered bogies have a 2,500 mm wheelbase, the non-powered ones have a 2,700 mm wheelbase, the wheels have a diameter 920 mm (when new) in both powered and non-powered bogies. The low-floor part (70%) lies at a height of 800 mm above rail top, in the remaining part of the train at a 1,270 mm. There are 241 seats, and the entrance door are 1,300 mm wide.

The Class 76 FLIRT EDMUs will operate in the north of Norway, where they are envisaged to start regular passenger service sometime in 2021. Due to the coronavirus situation, the exact dates cannot be precisely determined now. At present also 76-02 has been completed, which is already being tested in Norway. FLIRTs 76-03 and 04 are now in the final assembly stages at Stadler Minsk works.

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