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First Class TEM9 Locomotive For FGK

posted on 28th Feb 2020 19:25

On 28 February 2020 Sinara-Transportnye Mashiny (STM, Sinara-Transport Machines) handed over to FGK the first Class TEM9 diesel shunter. The ceremony took place at LTZ (Lyudinovsky teplovozostroitelny zavod, Lyudinovo diesel locomotive works), which forms part of STM. Under the terms of the contract, in 2020 FGK (Federalnaya gruzovaya kompania, Federal freight company, a RZD subsidiary) will acquire four locomotives of this class - TEM9-0107 to 0110. 

The Class TEM9 is designed essentially for light shunting duties. This is a type which has been built since 2009, the first prototype being completed in April that year, carrying the designation TEM9KI-0001. The second prototype, TEM9-0002, was exhibited later the same year at EXPO 1520. 

The Class TEM9 has AC-DC electric transmission, a Bo’Bo’ axle arrangement, and is capable of a top service speed of 100 km/h. It is powered by an 882 kW Type DG-882 L Euro III diesel, produced by UDMZ (Uralsky dizelmotorny zavod, Ural diesel engine works, part of Sinara Transportnye mashiny). The bogies are designed to enable the shunter to negotiate curves with a minimum radius of 50 m. The locomotive is 16,074 mm long over couplings, 3,130 mm wide and 4,300 mm high above rail top. 

It weighs 84 t with its fuel tank 2/3 full, and has an axle-load of 21 t. It has a maximum tractive effort of 291 kN, and a continuous tractive effort of 216 kN. The fuel tank has a capacity of 6,800 litres. An automatic pneumatic direct-acting brake is provided, together with an electrodynamic resistance brake which has a maximum output of 1,000 kW.  The design of the shunter is modular. This makes for easy maintenance, and together with the structure of the underframe results in a low tare weight. A microprocessor control system, incorporating diagnostics, is provided. The cab is air conditioned and also designed to meet the latest requirements for safety and ergonomics.

Class TEM9 shunters have until recently been bought by private operators and companies with networks serving industrial complexes or mine workings. With the four 2020-built locomotives for FGK it is the first time that LTZ supplies the TEM9s to RZD, this being possible by the fact that they have a TR TS 001/2011 certificate of conformity, which enables them to run on the public network. The next stage of cooperation with FGK will be the maintenance of these locomotives by STM.

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