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Bogies for the Class 2TE35A tested

posted on 4th Jul 2024 13:16

On 3 July 2024, Uralskie Lokomotivy announced that it had completed testing of bogies for the new Class 2TE35A freight locomotive. The latter is intended for operation on non-electrified sections of the BAM and Trans-Siberian Railway. It is a 16-axle machine with a Do'Do' + Do'Do' axle arrangement, which is to have a diesel engine power of 7,300 kW (2 x 3,650 kW).

Each bogie consists of two two-axle bogies connected by an intermediate frame. The two first bogies have already been sent to the Lyudinov locomotive works, where the prototype 2TE35A is now being assembled. Its completion is planned by the end of this year. The bogies will be approved as part of the complete locomotive.

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