škoda 2024

Griffin is heading to the VUZ Velim

posted on 1st Feb 2024 22:05

On 31 January 2024, Griffin E4MSUa-002 (5370 078) was sent from Poland to the VUZ test centre at Velim to start the first tests of the new multiple-voltage version outside Poland. The transport is provided by PKP CARGO with ET43-004, i. e. Dragon 2 type, creating thus an exemplary pair of locomotives of the latest Newag production, representing an offer for freight and express transport and in both cases with the possibility of operation on (at least) 3 and 25 kV voltages.

The locomotives entered the territory of the Czech Republic shortly before midnight, reaching Velim shortly after midnight of 2 February, as they spent 16 hours of 1 February in Moravany, 63 km before Velim, due to the extremely low capacity of the Kostěnice - Pardubice hl. n. section, due to the dismantling of the old and activation of the new lineside ATP.

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