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InnoTrans 2022 (44)

posted on 17th May 2023 11:51

In the context of the latest developments we also present Talgo's exhibit, which was an ICE L car at the Berlin trade fair. We have already mentioned the ICE L trains for DB from Patentes Talgo in the thirteenth part of the InnoTrans report in the context of the introduction locomotives for these Talgo 230 non-traction units. As a brief reminder, this is an order for 23 seventeen-car rakes with a maximum speed of 230 km/h from a framework contract for up to 100 trains signed in February 2019.

On 17 May 2023 the contract was extended by 56 more ICE L trains. Traction for these non-traction units, originally referred to as ECx, will be provided by four-axle multiple-voltage TRAVCA locomotives of the new DB Class 105. In addition to a model of this train at the Talgo stand, the manufacturer's outdoor display featured a second-class Bpz892.0 car carrying EVN 73-80 28-91 000, including a single Rodal-type bogie. Interestingly, DB presented the car to selected guests and media in Berlin on 14 September, just under a week before the InnoTrans.

With a length of 13.3 m, this non-traction multiple unit (NMU) will offer in total 477 seats in 2nd class and 85 in 1st class. The carriages are equipped with storage for bulky luggage, the train will have eight places for bicycles and separate areas for passengers with toddlers and additional areas with a capacity of 46 seats for passengers with children, including a play area. There will be three wheelchair accessible seats with electrically adjustable height of tables. Also included will be the bistro and WiFi with access to an on-board entertainment portal.

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