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Mock-Up Of TVZ Capsule Carriage Exhibited

posted on 16th Jun 2021 00:57

Between 11 and 13 June 2021, FPK and TMH exhibited a new concept of a „platskartny“ car at the VDNKh exhibition centre in Moskva during the first Russian „Puteshestvuy“ („Travel!“) tourist forum. This followed the first presentation of the pictures in November 2020, developed by the TMH’s partner - 2050.LAB (the National Centre for Industrial Design and Innovation).

In doing so, the Russian and international experience was studied, and opinions of passengers and conductors were taken into account. A distinctive feature is the „gabarit T“, which is increased, compared to standard carriage. The bodyshell width is increased by 28 cm, the length by 73 cm. Making better use of the internal space, the length of the passenger saloon has increased by 290 cm.

Thanks to the new size, it will be possible to achieve better ergonomics and increased capacity for passenger comfort and efficiency for operator. The length of the berths has also increased - the sleeping place is 15 cm longer than the traditional one, achieving a length of 190 cm. The capsule car is designed for 56 passengers, with 28 pods at the lower and 28 at the upper berth. The pods are located along the central aisle, each berth can be „fenced off“ with a curtain.

The sleeping area is for more passenger comfort surrounded by an ergonomically shaped backrest in the form of an armchair. The passenger can sit back and make use of the adjacent table, which has recesses for drinking glasses. On the side, between the backrest and the table top, there are USB sockets and light switches.

Another feature of the new concept is the variable luggage storage system. The traditional option is under the lower pod. There is also a luggage compartment that can be optionally filled with luggage. Inside, there can be shelves for suitcases and places for oversized luggage with special fasteners. This solution is based on passenger requests for oversized luggage such as kayaks, skis or bicycles. This area can also accommodate a rest compartment for the conductor or a lounge area for passengers. 

FPK has more than 16,000 coaches. By 2025, it is planned to replace more than one third of them by purchasing new ones. FPK has over 55,000 employees, 29,000 of whom work as conductors.

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