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More Diesel Locomotives For EVRAZ

posted on 17th Dec 2021 07:33

On 13 December 2021, STM has signed an agreement with EVRAZ ZSMK (Obyedinyonny Zapadno-Sibirsky metallurgichesky kombinat, United West Siberian iron and steel works) of Novokuznetsk in southwestern Siberia for an additional supply of two Class TEM14 and two Class TEM10 diesel shunters. They will will be built at LTZ and will operate in Novokuznetsk, being involved in the production chain and used for transportation of raw materials and finished goods.

The two TEM14s are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2022, followed by two TEM10s in the second quarter. The latter represent first deliveries of the new Class TEM10 locomotives to EVRAZ (the batch production started in 2021). 

In 2021, STM supplied to EVRAZ already six Class TEM14s, their main user being EVRAZ ZSMK. The first two, TEM14-0158 and 0159, were delivered in July. Two more, TEM14-0160 and 161, followed in August. The remaining two, TEM14-0166 and 167, were delivered in early December.

In compliance with the customer's requests, STM has developed a training program for EVRAZ employees - in 2021 more than 100 of them have passed it for operating the TEM14s, and in the near future the same course is planned to commence for the TEM10 locomotives.

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