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First four Class ES104 EMUs handed over to RZD

posted on 28th Nov 2023 18:52

On 27 November 2023, Uralskiye Lokomotivy delivered the first four new Lastochkas to RZD. This followed thorough testing and happened shortly after receiving a certificate confirming the compliance of the Class ES104 with the requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations TR TS 001/2011. The certificate allows UL to start batch production of the new trains.

The first four units are part of the first batch of 12 Lastochkas scheduled for delivery in 2023. They will be in operation on the Sverdlovsk Railway under the supervision of the manufacturer's specialists. The five-car Lastochka Class ES104 with a maximum speed of 160 km is designed for lines electrified with 3 kV DC and has 401 seats.

UL designers are currently developing several modifications, most notably the dual-voltage Class ES105. Plans are also underway to produce a dual-power Class ES105A EMU with traction battery and a Class ES106 EMU for high passenger volume, with acceleration levels of no less than 1 m/s2 and wide entrance doors. A double-deck Class ES106D EMU is also under development.

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