New Traction Equipment For RZD Class 2ES8

posted on 30th Dec 2021 17:29

On 28 December 2021, a meeting of the acceptance committee was held in Yekaterinburg to review the results of the development work on the traction equipment pack for the new 3 kV DC Class 2ES8 locomotives.

Each traction equipment pack, manufactured by Tyagovye komponenty (Traction components), includes converter cabinets, control cabinets and a cooling system, and is designed to work in conjunction with the Type ATD-1000 asynchronous traction motors, accepted in late October 2021 and produced by Tyagovye komponenty, too.

The acceptance committee that included specialists from UL, Gorizont of Nevyansk (north of Yekaterinburg), Tyagovye komponenty, RZD, VNIIZhT and VNIKTI carried out an inspection of the Gorizont production facilities, and also confirmed that the tests have been performed completely and reliably, and the design and technical documentation is sufficient to start production and delivery.

The tests, conducted on the basis of GOST 15902-2014 standard, confirmed the compliance of the new traction equipment with the technical specification requirements. 

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