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New Version Of Lastochka

posted on 20th Apr 2023 00:19

On 18 April 2023 Uralskie lokomotivy announced the they will supply RZD with 22 new Lastochkas. The contract has been signed, and makes provisions for the commencement of supplies in November this year, once certification documents have been obtained.

This is the new five-car Class ES104 EMU with a top speed of 160 km/h, which will be fitted with the Russian traction equipment. In the long term, Class ES104 will become the basic platform for a whole line of new generation domestic electric trains. The base version in a five-car configuration provides accommodation for 401 seats.

Oleg Spai, UL General Director, said: "We faced the task of developing a new model of EMU consisting of Russian-made components. We managed to accomplish this task, designing and manufacturing the train in one year. At the moment the assembly of the prototype is at the final stage, testing will start in a month". The first Class ES104s are scheduled to be used on the Sverdlovsk railways.

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