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Prototype 3TE28 Has Completed Its Preliminary Testing

posted on 22nd Dec 2022 09:44

In early December 2022, the three-section Class 3TE28 mainline freight locomotive, built at BMZ, has successfully completed its trial programme. The tests took place over almost a month and a half at the Kursk-Sortirovochny depot. The total length of the test runs was 10,800 km, the average weight of the trains was 5,073 t, the maximum weight 7,256 tons.

The results confirmed the compliance of the locomotive with the requirements of the technical specification. No failures and malfunctions were found which could cause disturbances in the train operation. In accordance with the recommendations of the preliminary tests commission, the design documentation was assigned an "O" letter, confirming the successful completion of the preliminary tests. In the near future, the 3TE28-0001 will be prepared for the acceptance and certification tests. For these tests, the locomotive will be sent to the VNIKTI test instutitue in Kolomna.

The Class 3TE28 was designed to haul trains on the non-electrified sections of the Baikal-Amur and the Trans-Siberian railways. The locomotive is equipped with a powerful 18-9DGM diesel engine manufactured at the Kolomensky zavod.

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