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Railpool's TRAXX AC3 Last Mile For Croatian Market

posted on 9th Sep 2020 18:51

Railpool continues to grow towards Eastern Europe and announced that after the finalisation of the approval for the Croatian corridor for the TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive on 20 May 2020, the successful commercial operation has started on 19 July by Transagent Rail using 187 305. According to the customer’s review, the operator is satisfied with the cost efficiency of this locomotive type on hire from Railpoool, this being the very first TRAXX in the Transagent Rail fleet.

As a leading rail freight forwarder in the Baltic region, Transagent Rail offer services to clients in single consignments and block/logistic trains, where transport involves mainly prime materials such as iron ore and coal as well as semi-finished products and intermodal units. The effectiveness of the provided services is achieved by systematic cooperation with railway companies on international transport market.

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