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Remaining Class 3TE25K2M Locomotives For Elga-Trans

posted on 4th Oct 2021 12:49

On 29 September 2021, TMH sent the second trio of Class 3TE25K2M locomotives built by BMZ to Elga-Trans, for operation at the Elga coal deposit in Yakutia. According to the contract signed in May 2021, three locomotives, 3TE25K2M-0061 to 0063, were delivered in July, and three more followed at the end of September, 3TE25K2M- 0086 to 0088.

The locomotives are capable of hauling heavy trains weighing up to 7,100 tons. It is the first time that Class 3TE25K2Ms have been sold to a private operator - previously all such locomotives were produced only for RZD. Therefore the BMZ training centre organised training for Elga-Trans drivers and maintenance workers.

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