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Renfe Mercancías Takes Delivery Of First Class 256 Locomotives

posted on 23rd Dec 2022 17:22

In 2021 the operator placed an order worth around 86 million EUR with Stadler for a batch of 12 triple-voltage (25 kV AC, 3 and 1.5 kV DC) 1,668 mm gauge EURO6000 locomotives. The first three, 256 101 to 103, were completed in October 2022, and then subjected since mid-November to initial tests by the manufacturer. By mid-December five had been completed, and these made their delivery journey from Albuixech to Villaverde depot (Madrid) on 22 December. These photos show them arriving in Madrid (led by 256 104 and with 105 at the rear) and entering the depot and works, where they will remain until early in 2023, when verification tests will start. 

Their 25 kV 50 Hz capacity will enable them to work over parts of the 1,668 mm gauge high speed rail network in Galicia designed for freight as well as passenger traffic (serving the ports of Ferrol, A Coruña and Vigo), from Salamanca to destinations in Portugal, and also, from summer 2023, on the high speed line from León to Pola de Lena, and thence to the ports of Avilés and El Musel - all part of the evolving Atlantic Corridor. It should be noted that all recent electrification projects on the Spanish 1,668 mm gauge network are being undertaken with eventual conversion from 3 kV to 25 kV envisaged.

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