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Tests of the PESA-built hydrogen locomotive at CIECH Cargo

posted on 15th Nov 2023 12:42

On 9 November 2023, tests of the first hydrogen shunting locomotive in Poland were carried out on the siding in Inowrocław, belonging to the CIECH Group. The SM42-6Dn is the first hydrogen locomotive of this type in Europe, authorised by the Polish UTK (Office of Rail Transport). 

The tests were intended to check the functionality of the locomotive under the real  conditions for which it was designed (rebuilt). Due to the specific nature of siding services provided by CIECH Cargo, it was possible to test various configurations of rakes, starting with loaded trains after their arriving, shuntings on the siding and moving - following unloading - the empty trains out of the siding to the Inowroclaw Chemia station.

Maciej Grześkowiak, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication at PESA, said: „We have two reasons for satisfaction - first, there is another client interested in our SM42-6Dn model, second, during tests at Inowrocław, the locomotive, as part of normal shunting movement, hauled a rake of 43 wagons at 10 km/h with a gross load of over 2,200 tonnes“.

A special team was established within the CIECH Group, led by Maciej Kempski, Member of the Management Board of CIECH Cargo, whose task is to examine the feasibility of using hydrogen locomotive on sidings in Inowrocław and Janikowo. The experience from the tests will be used by CIECH Cargo when deciding to replace the diesel shunters.

CIECH Cargo of Inowrocław employs approximately 280 people, offering railway services using 19 locomotives and 1,500 wagons. The company provides railway services in the country, including rental of wagons, freight transport, operation and maintenance of sidings, as well as maintenance of locomotives and repair of wagons. Its fleet includes, among others, modern electric locomotives such as Class E594 and E483 TRAXXes, Class E6ACTa Dragon 2s or Gamas. The company provides around 80 % of the services it offers within the CIECH Group.

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