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Alstom's H3 Locomotive Powered By Hydrogen

updated on 13th Dec 2022 15:06 posted on 2nd Dec 2022 17:32

On 24 November 2022, Alstom demonstrated at its Stendal works how a shunting locomotive previously powered by diesel can be converted into a hydrogen shunter. The engine of the H3 locomotive 1002 032 is powered by direct combustion of hydrogen, presenting a milestone in an innovation project for the decarbonisation of shunting. This H3, which was since February 2019 leased to VPS, is a rebuilt locomotive. It is fitted with the Deutz TCD 12 engine, where some adjustments were made, so that hydrogen is injected directly instead of a fuel. At present, the locomotive is at Alstom.

Together with Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter (VPS), WTZ Roßlau, TU Braunschweig and the associated partners, Alstom is developing a conversion solution for existing locomotives to hydrogen power. The associated partners are the Fraunhofer Institute für Schicht- und Oberflächentechnik and Robert Bosch Elektronik. The project is supported by the city of Salzgitter with funding from the structural aid of the state of Lower Saxony. 

The next milestone is planned for 2024. Then a VPS shunting locomotive converted to hydrogen propulsion is to go into service on the company's factory premises. 

We also asked Alstom how does the efficiency of this technology compare to the H2 fuel cell (iLint)? Please give us the more detailed data (in %), not just "better" or "worse".

Alstom stated only: „We cannot make any statements here yet. We are, after all, in a test project. We ask for your patience.“

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