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TGV M Cars In Arsenal

posted on 30th Mar 2023 07:22

Since last December, the TGV M unit 996 has been tested on the VUZ Velim’s test circle. This is the first of three pre-series sets produced by Alstom for testing and type approval purposes and with which, with the support of the SNCF's technical department, it is carrying out tests in the Czech Republic at speeds of up to 200 km/h. 

The other two units have the inventory numbers 997 and 998 and thus form a trio with the preliminary designation PS1 to PS3, where PS stands for pre-series. The test programme also includes tests in the RTA Rail Tec Arsenal climate chamber at temperatures ranging from -20 to +40 °C, which have been running since the beginning of March. To this end, a pair of cars - one end car and one intermediate car - were sent from Aytré to Wien in mid-February, as shown in the photos. The number 1003 for the unit can be seen on the end car, below which is the TGV 22003 designation for the power car itself. 

However, Alstom states that this designation was introduced by the manufacturer before the numbering of the units of this new generation was agreed with the SNCF, so the number 1003 is incorrect and was not adjusted before the car was transported to Wien. The two TGV M cars shown here will later be included in a set whose number is not known at this time.

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