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Third Class 2TE25KM For Kazakhstan

posted on 31st Dec 2021 12:44

On 29 December 2021, 2TE25KM-0562 built by BMZ was sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan, to the Kachary Ruda (Kachary Ore) plant. A contract for the locomotive was signed in July 2021.

Kachary Ruda is a division of the Sokolovo-Sarbai Mining Production Association (SSGPO), Kazakhstan's largest iron ore mining and processing enterprise (part of ERG, Eurasian Resources Group), which operates the Kachary iron ore quarry located in the Kostanay Region in the north of the country. 

This is the third TMH-built locomotive in the ERG fleet. The first two were sent to Kazakhstan in December 2018 (2TE25KM-0450, Shurbakol Komir coal deposits) and in December 2019 (2TE25KM-0472, SSGPO).

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