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Traction generators for new Class 3TE30G locomotives

posted on 15th Aug 2023 09:02

In August 2023 TMH-Elektrotekh of Novocherkassk has manufactured two prototypes of the Type GTSN-3150 traction synchronous generator for the new Class 3TE30G mainline freight locomotive, which as part of the new TE30 family will be built by BMZ.

One of the GTSN-3150 prototypes was transferred for preliminary tests to VELNII test institute (part of Transmashholding), the purpose of which is to determine the compliance with the requirements of the design documentation and technical specifications. The second prototype was sent to Kolomensky Zavod (also part of TMH) for debugging of the Type 16GDG220 genset and further for installation on the 3TE30G prototype. The middle section of this locomotive will be fitted with the LNG tank. The gas-diesel engine installed will have 16-cylinders and a power of 3,600 kW.

The GTSN-3150 generator was designed by TMH Engineering. Unlike its predecessor (GTSN-2800), this type of generators has a higher power and is designed not only to feed traction motors, but also all auxiliaries, as well as to start the diesel engine. In addition, for the first time in the TMH-Elektrotekh design of generators a bearing temperature sensor was incorporated. 

The company is mastering the production of new equipment within TMH internal  cooperation and is part of the programme to ensure the technological sovereignty of the country (in this case, the goal is to replace west-made engines).  By the end of 2023,  TMH-Elektrotekh will produce two more GTSN-3150 prototypes.

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