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Traction Generators For The Class 2TE35A

posted on 30th Apr 2022 16:19

On 28 April 2022, the acceptance committee reviewed the results of development work on the Type GST-3505-1800 traction generator designed for the new Class 2TE35A diesel locomotive. The tests, conducted on the GOST 15902-2014 standard, confirmed compliance of the generator with the requirements of the technical specification.

The synchronous traction generator is manufactured by Elektrotyazhmash-Privod of Lysva (east to Perm) according to specification of Tyagovye komponenty. Its key characteristics are high rotational speed (1,800 rpm), rated power of 3,505 kW, weight of 6,6 t and efficiency not less than 0,96 % (at rated power). The design and technological documentation was assigned O1, which allows Elektrotyazhmash-Privod to start production and supply of its generators.

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