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Up to 250 Vectrons for RAILPOOL

posted on 20th Feb 2024 11:07

On 20 February 2024, RAILPOOL and Siemens Mobility have concluded a framework agreement for the delivery of up to 250 Vectrons. With the signing of the contract, 70 locomotives were immediately called off, these including 24 Vectron MS locomotives and 46 Vectron AC locomotives. Their delivery will start in early 2025.

The framework agreement includes Vectron variants that can operate in up to 16 countries and on various European corridors (north-south and east-west). The 6,400 kW locomotives will have depending on the variant a maximum speed of up to 230 km/h. The amount of 230 km/h Vectrons is under discussion and it can be part of the first batch.

Including this first call, Siemens Mobility has sold more than 2,400 locomotives from the Vectron family to 96 customers in 16 countries. To date, the fleet has covered more than 900 million km. The Vectron-platform locomotives are approved for operation in 20 European countries.

Torsten Lehnert, CEO of RAILPOOL, says: “The recent expansion of our modern fleet is taking place with a forward-looking focus on maximum operational flexibility for our customers. In addition to the multi-system locomotives for east-west traffic, we are adding further AC locomotives to our range, primarily for the Scandinavian corridor and the DACH region. Like the MS locomotives, the AC locomotives will also be equipped for the upcoming ETCS expansion in Europe.” RAILPOOL’s Vectron fleet grows to a total of 228 machines with this order.

At present the company also has 355 TRAXXes in its fleet (including orders). RAILPOOL was founded in München in 2008 and is now active in 19 European countries. With more than 600 electric and hybrid locomotives and 148 passenger vehicles (with an investment of 2.6 billion euros), it is one of the largest providers in Europe. Its fleet covers 85 million km annually. RAILPOOL has six workshops of its own and a warehouse with more than 4,000 different spare parts and components. 


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