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Vectron Tested On A ČD Railjet

posted on 28th Mar 2022 14:15

On 22 - 24 March 2022, ČD together with Siemens Mobility carried out a practical verification of the Vectron - railjet communication. The aim was to practically test and fine-tune the software  communication on the Class 193 locomotives operated by ČD and the blue ČD railjets.

The locomotive 193 683 (leased from RSL) and the railjet 01 were used for testing. On 22 March, static tests were carried out in the Praha jih (Prague South) depot, after which the train was put on the „Západní expres“ („West Express“) service.

Confirmation of the communication of these vehicles will enable ČD to react flexibly to operational situations, e. g. in the event of a failure of the Class 1216 Tauruses or when the railjet is used instead of the Pendolino or InterJet.

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