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100th Booster For Sinara Locomotives

posted on 30th Jan 2023 08:04

On 24 January 2023, the hundredth booster section for Sinara locomotives was built at UL. The respective locomotive designated 3ES6-1353 was delivered to the Kuibyshev Railway. The UL plans to produce a total of 18 Sinara locomotives equipped with boosters for the Kuibyshevskaya and Sverdlovskaya railways by the end of 2023.

The three-section Sinara is able to haul freights weighing almost 10,000 t on the plain lines and 6,300 t on routes with a difficult profile. There is also the option of incorporating two boosters, such locomotive being able to haul trains with the weight of 12,500 t and 7,100 t depending on the plain or mountainous terrain. The booster section for the Class 2ES6 was developed in 2020. 

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