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42 Class EP2D And EP3D EMUs For RZD

posted on 10th Apr 2023 14:58

At the end of March 2023 TMH and RZD signed a contract for the delivery of 42 EMUs built by DMZ. This is manufacturer's first contract to produce EMUs for RZD in 2023. By the end of this year, the company will deliver a total of 220 cars, of them 90 for Class EP2D 3 kV DC EMUs and 130 for Class EP3D 25 kV EMUs.

Of the 16 Class EP2D trains, one will be ten-car, two will be eight-car, six will be six-car, and seven will be four-car. Of the 26 Class EP3D electric trains, 15 will be four-car, two eight-car and nine will be six-car units. 

RZD has been buying Class EP3Ds since 2018 and Class EP2Ds since 2019. During that time, 186 cars for 3 kV DC EMUs and 338 cars for 25 kV trains have been delivered.

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