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Traction motors for the Class 2TE35A locomotive passed the acceptance commission

posted on 31st Dec 2023 11:40

On 21 December 2023, a meeting of the acceptance committee took place in Chelyabinsk to review the results of the development work on the Type TAD430 asynchronous traction motor designed for the new Class 2TE35A mainline diesel locomotive. The motor is a joint development of companies Tyagovye komponenty (Traction Components, part of STM) and Russkie elektricheskie dvigateli (RED, Russian Electric Motors).

Tests conducted on the basis of the GOST 15902-2014 standard confirmed the compliance of the motor with the requirements of the technical specification. The efficiency factor of the motor in nominal mode is 95 %, power factor is 0.86. The design and technological documentation was assigned the O1 mark, which allows RED to start production of the introduction batch of 64 motors.

It should be reminded that earlier the Type TAD430-6KUHL1 traction motor manufactured at Elektrotyazhmash-Privod (Lysva, Perm Territory) was certified for a similar task. Both versions of the TAD430 motors are designed for the  two-section 16-axle Class 2TE35A diesel locomotive, designed to haul trains weighing up to 7,100 tonnes.

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