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ČD ComfortJet introduced

posted on 9th Apr 2024 15:02

On 9 April 2024 a joint event of ČD, Siemens and Škoda took place at Praha hl. n. station presenting the new ComfortJet non-traction unit (NMU). The latter was a temporary eight-car composition without a driving trailer and restaurant car. In this configuration it is approved for operation at a maximum speed of 200 km/h. The handover process is currently underway which should result in the start of passenger service during April. The ČD staff training began in March.

Subsequently, the first ComfortJets are scheduled to be used on selected services on the Praha - Bohumín and then Bohumín - Praha - Františkovy Lázně route. At the end of the summer, it is planned to gradually deploy ComfortJets in the aforementioned temporary configuration on „Berliner“ trains. A missing restaurant car should be provided in the rake by coupling a separate dining car. During this year, eight ComfortJets are scheduled to be handed over to ČD, all in eight-car configuration.

The nine-car NMU with driving trailer and restaurant car and a design speed of 230 km/h continues testing during this year. In January already two driving trailers were present at VUZ Velim.

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